2122 Who Am I?

2122 Who Am I?

Who Am I?

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"My profession is somewhat unique in comparison to that of the average person. At any one fixed moment in time when duty calls upon me, I am prepared to sacrifice my own life to save the lives of others I may not even know. I am willing to do this because I understand that we all make choices in life. As for myself, this is the choice and path of service that I have chosen to follow. Though my job is often rewarding, it can also be unsettling. I often reflect upon the simplicity of one question, "Who am I?" At times, I cannot provide this answer, not even for myself. So, "Who am I" to choose a profession in life that regularly shows no mercy for the preciousness of life? "Who am I" to willingly, without hesitation, invite myself into some of the most uninviting situations known to mankind? "Who am I", so that when duty calls, may never again lay eyes on the loved ones I could leave behind? The assumed simplicity of this question is not so simple after all. Understanding "Who I am" may be difficult to answer at times. However, all I need to do is pause, think about, and remember those lives I have positively influenced and maybe even saved. All I need to do is look back on the years of service I have given to my community and realize that I helped make the world a safer place in which to live. In my heart, I know I made a difference. "Who am I?" I am a Firefighter!"

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